The Chrusion Saga

The World of Chrusion is not unlike our own.  It shares threads of our past, woven into a vastly different tapestry.  Here the chariots hover and Knights still take to the field of battle.

Herein lie the stories of the Black Knights, born brothers, forged into warriors.  As they struggle against the ever-approaching darkness of their world, they test the bonds of friendship, love, and faith.

The Chrusion Saga has only just begun…

Kyle Hunter-Redemption



Kyle Hunter- Redemption
War for the Sword- Part One

In the Press

Ascension- The Chrusion Saga Book 1 is now an AWARD-WINNING novel!  Enjoy the epic saga that was named the 2019 Reader's Favorite Finalist in the Action-Fiction genre.




Brian Lambert has successfully mixed the beauty of the traditional historical fiction novel with the suspense and all out thrills of the modern-day action blockbuster, culminating in a rich, immersive and also highly exciting reading experience.

The attention to hierarchy and guilds will put people in mind of the detail paid to such things in Game of Thrones. Realistic relationships make for not only conflict within the Black Knights, but their tightly knit relationships mean they can overlook such things to stand beside their brothers in arms as needed.

Lambert's writing contains a level of realism in the fantasy world he created that surprised me.  I found myself ducking arrows and dodging sword blows.  It's great to see this level of realism and diversity in writing.

K.C. Finn
Reader's Favorite
K.J. Simmill
Reader's Favorite
Eugenia Towles

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