Greg Anderson Elysée

Greg Anderson Elysée is a Brooklyn, NY born Haitian-American writer, educator, filmmaker, and model. He has been teaching various forms of filmmaking, including narrative and documentary, from elementary level to the elderly since 2012. A former journalist for, he also ran his own column, (Heard It Thru) The Griotvine, where he showcased independent creators of color and LGBTQ creators. He knows writes for the independent pop culture news website Bleeding Cool. He is known through the community for doing this on a broader scale, all while presenting his thoughts on diversity.


Is'nana: The Were-Spider was his first comic series, and is a multi-award winner, including the 2018 Fan Award, Rising Star, and Best Male Character, and 2019 Best Writer and Story of the Year (Glyph Awards). Is’nana is based on Anansi the trickster god of the Akan people of Ghana, whose stories have spread for centuries throughout Africa as well as the Caribbean. The Gentleman: Darkness of the Void and Marassa, both published by Evoluzione Publishing, debuted in 2018. Elysée has also published work with Lion Forge via the nationally recognized project Puerto Rico Strong. 

Constant Hustle Comics

We ponder the world's guidelines. We innovate ways to engage our audience. We construct stories that push the limits. We amaze. We're an independent, creative comic book studio that looks beyond the confines of the three-act storytelling walls and considers the overall design of the world and those in it. Applying many combined years of experience, our team researches and challenges the need for deeply constructed stories that others shy away from.  

Every story is unique. Every act is its own. Every setting deserves to be considered for its independence but devotion to the overall story. 

Not writing or creating beautiful pieces of art just for the sake of it.  But testing the limits of all of our abilities while also challenging you to come along.

Whether it's Charles Simpson (left) our Art Director, Elijah Manning (right) our Branding & Marketing Director or Lawrence J. King (middle) our founder and CEO our only drive is to provide all our fans with the diversity we see in our lives every day.  We want to change the face of heroes and the way their stories are told.  Join us on this journey.

Malachi Bailey

Hailing from Long Island, NY, Malachi Bailey has always been unabashedly a lover of books! He fell in love with the Sunday comic strips then quickly moved onto Marvel and DC Comics. Early on, he became a huge fan of the X-Men, particularly Storm! His passion for superhero stories paved the way to online superhero roleplaying where he developed his craft as a writer. The rise of superhero movies only heightened his desire to write and play in the proverbial sandbox of the two comic book titans. This would be the start of his need to write daily.

Over the course of the decade, Malachi has written short stories solo and with fellow writers on science fiction and fantasy. For nearly ten years he wrote every day. But for every day he wrote, he also read book after book. The written word was never far from his hands. He always dreamed of being an author and that day would come.

In October 2019, Malachi re-released his debut novel, HER!

Gerald Coleman

Gerald L. Coleman is a Philosopher, Theologian, Poet, and Author residing in Atlanta. Born in Lexington, he did his undergraduate work in Philosophy and English at the University of Kentucky. He followed that by completing a degree in Religious Studies, concluding with a Master's degree in Theology at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville.


His most recent poetry appears in, Pluck! The Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture, Drawn To Marvel: Poems From The Comic Books, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel Vol. 18, Black Bone Anthology, the 10th Anniversary Issue of Diode Poetry Journal, and About Place Journal. He is a speculative fiction author with short stories published in these Anthologies: The Science Fiction, Cyberfunk Anthology: The City, the Rococoa Anthology by Roaring Lion, Terminus Urban Fantasy Anthology, and the Dark Universe: Bright Empire.


He is the author of the Epic Fantasy novel saga The Three Gifts, which currently includes When Night Falls (Book One) and A Plague of Shadows (Book Two). He has been a Guest Author and Attending Professional at DragonCon, Boskone, Blacktasticon, JordanCon, Atlanta Science Fiction & Fantasy Expo, The Outer Dark Symposium, World Horror Con, and Imaginarium.


He has recently joined the staff of WorldCon Dublin as its Programme Content Consultant, and Multiverse Con as a Director in programming. He is a co-founder of the Affrilachian Poets and has released three collections of poetry entitled the road is long, falling to earth, and microphone check. You can find him at

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