Head of Development and creator of HER

​Hailing from Long Island, NY, Malachi Bailey has always been unabashedly a lover of books! He fell in love with the Sunday comic strips then quickly moved onto Marvel and DC Comics. Early on, he became a huge fan of the X-Men, particularly Storm! His passion for superhero stories paved the way to online superhero roleplaying where he developed his craft as a writer. The rise of superhero movies only heightened his desire to write and play in the proverbial sandbox of the two comic book titans. This would be the start of his need to write daily.

Over the course of the decade, Malachi has written short stories solo and with fellow writers on science fiction and fantasy. For nearly ten years he wrote every day. But for every day he wrote, he also read book after book. The written word was never far from his hands. He always dreamed of being an author and that day would come.

In October 2019, Malachi re-released his debut novel, HER!