Wingless Comics is a division of Wingless Entertainment that specializes in telling stories through serialized comics and graphic novel formats. This creator-owned venture was born in December 2019, designed to highlight new characters and new stories, from a diverse and inclusive viewpoint.

Wingless Comics continues the vision of Wingless Entertainment, providing stories that show imagination without boundaries. Wingless Comics pushes the envelope with tales of compassion, intrigue, and heroism.

Wingless Comics is a platform that will let creators craft stories that resonate across cultural lines. Guided by an award-winning team of professionals, Wingless Comics will set a precedent, not only with visual spectacle but also in storytelling.

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The hero named Justice is actually an Archangel named Othniyel. He is Elohim’s Lion of Justice, called the Left Hand of God and Commander of the Felix Legion.

His quest is to find the Voice of God, which has gone missing. Foregoing paradise, Justice crossed through the Firmament to save existence.

Justice is the angel of the flaming sword, that barred the gates of Eden. He protected the Israelites during the first Passover. His roar broke down the walls of Jericho.

At his disposal are a host of heavenly powers, including (but not limited to) flight, enhanced speed, durability, strength, healing, immortality, energy/space manipulation. As an angel of the highest order, empowered by the Hallowed Fire, the full spectrum of his heavenly abilities have yet to be explored.

In order to save Heaven, he'll go through Hell.

Who is Justice?

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